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Some items have the potential of selling out quickly once it arrives to Divanista and because of this reason we provide our customers the opportunity to pre-order items and reserve them exclusively for them. Pre-order are currently not in stock at Divanista. Since your item is reserved, your credit card is charged at the time your order is placed. When you pre-order an item from Divanista it is reserved exclusively for you and the order is placed with the manufacturer/designer. Once we have the production date from the manufacturer/designer we will update you with an estimated ship date. PLEASE NOTE: All our pre-order dates are estimated. This is due to the manufacturer/designers production schedules, and sometimes an item may arrive several days before or after. Divanista have no control over their production schedule or inventory. Items are rarely delayed, but if it does happen Divanista will contact you with a new ship date. See FAQ's section for more info.

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